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Measuring what matters in Melbourne: Food

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What would it mean for all the people of Melbourne to thrive when it comes to food?

There is currently no shortage of things to count or measure, there is no shortage of daily stats and graphs showing new metrics and insights telling us how to interpret this ever changing world.

But how do we join these targets and indicators together into a more comprehensive portrait of Melbourne's current state and future ambitions?

How might we start a more collective process to decide which of these measures is the most relevant to track our progress towards a more safe, just and regenerative city?

And how do we do this in such a way that balances the need for rigorous data collection (the grammar) and the need for stories and experience of this place (the poetry)?

Regen Melbourne is embarking on the city portrait process to try and answer some of these questions. For this to be relevant, applicable and resonate to the actions you are all working on day to day, it needs to be a collective and community project. And so we invite you to join in the thematic sessions over the next 12 months as we begin to build a living portrait of Melbourne. Our first session is focused on food - well timed to fall in Urban Agriculture Month!

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