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Permagarden: 3 Days Intensive Training

74 Billabirra Crescent, Nerang, QLD 4211
$52 - $180
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Overview of the permagarden method
The overall goal of a permagarden is to provide a viable, practical, and sustainable method to increase food and nutrition security.
By implementing the permagarden method, gardeners can increase food production from cultivating small land areas for food services. It is a sustainable method using local materials and building the environmental health of the garden. Additionally, with proper water management, this method works in the rainy and dry seasons.
The permagarden method is a combination of permaculture and bio-intensive agriculture.
‘Permaculture’, a combination of the words ‘permanent’ and ‘agriculture’, focuses on designing the garden to include permanent, soil-based structures. In essence, permaculture helps gardeners to understand natural influences that affect the homestead and results in a better garden location and design that optimises the use of available resources.
‘Bio-intensive agriculture’ refers to the efficient system of planting, deep healthy soil structure, diet design, composting, and management of annual crops in beds found within protective and productive berm beds.
The permagarden method teaches how to design and integrate multiple agricultural practices to increase production and create a more resilient garden.
This permanent garden is a small-scale, high-yield, nutrition-focused instrument of food security that anyone can create.

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