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Barefoot Food Gardens Tour

259 O'Hea Street, Pascoe Vale South, VIC 3044
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Join me (Leila) for a stroll through our wild forest garden. Our quarter acre rental property, once entirely lawn, has been transformed into an edible haven. Within three years it provided our household of four with around 80 per cent of vegetables year-round. It is tended minimally using a 'natural farming' philosophy. There are over 70 types of edible plants, including fruits, berries, teas, bush foods and edible weeds, as well as plants for bees and biodiversity.

The gardens were established using chickens and carpet to control runner grass and problem weeds. Fast-growing fruit trees and trellises are positioned to provide summer shade. Plants are encouraged to self-sow and seeds are scattered randomly. Physical labour and external inputs are minimal and biomass production is maximised. Soil is improved with living mulches, green manures and no-dig approaches. Watering is with DIY grey water, rainwater harvesting, and a drip irrigation system. The garden also includes children play spaces, a propagation area, a pond, a nature strip garden and a share box.

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Phone: 0420329320