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Soil, Splendid Soil! - with Annie Raser-Rowland

10 Thompson Road, North Fremantle, WA 6159
$40 - $80
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Do you want to learn what plants really eat? And how to help them get it? Fall passionately in love with good soil as you work through the key characteristics of the stuff, followed by practical principles for repairing, building and maintaining your own bit of earth. You will never see the ground in the same way again...

Your presenter, Annie Raser-Rowland is a graduate of horticulture and permaculture certificates, general natural world info-junkie, plant nerd. Growing her own food was her original motivation for all this learning, and continues to strike her as a small and elegant magic - a passion for healthy soil, and for wild foods (from weeds to bush foods) has followed. She has spent three months working on the environmental systems of an 'ecovillage' in Tanzania, done permaculture design work with Very Edible Gardens, and worked for many years at CERES bush foods and permaculture nursery.

This workshop includes morning tea, please bring your own lunch.

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