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Victualis 2 Dinner

13 Moore Street, Canberra, ACT 2601
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Victualis* - a Canberra Region Food Collaborative event

Enterprise, Inclusion, Wellbeing and Resilience

At a time when food security has never been more challenging, forward-looking governments, businesses & community enterprises are shoring up local & regional food systems. We need imaginative solutions to produce, store and sell more food sustainably into the closest markets: our cities and towns. Driving investment, inclusion, jobs & better social and economic outcomes.

This unique event brings together all the major players in the Canberra Region Food System – from farmers, food retailers, processors, investors, manufacturers, services providers, researchers, policymakers and transport providers.

Food enterprises, be they farms or biscuit makers employ people and generate crucial income throughout our cities and regions. They also help guarantee continuous food supply throughout Australia. That food needs to be as affordable, fresh and nutritious as possible to meet everyone’s needs. While price is the major demand determinant consumers also want reassurance and have a right to sustainably and ethically produced food.

Just as much an essential service as water or energy supply, food supply-chain disruption is putting strains on our national food security. Food production is also under strain from ubiquitous climate change events, war, logistical challenges and strategic threats. We need to produce and sell much more food locally for our closest markets - the cities in which we live.

*Victualis is an old English term meaning ‘Nourishment, Provision, Diet, that which sustains life’.

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