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Register Your Event

If you've already planned an urban agriculture event for November (or are in the process of planning one) then we are ready to hear about it! You can share the details with us below, and once approved, we will add it to our interactive Urban Agriculture Events map ready to be shared far and wide.

To add your Urban Agriculture Month event to our map, you'll first need to create an account. (if you've already created an account with us in the past, you can simply sign in.) Having an account means you're able to submit multiple events, and also edit and update them.

Once you're signed in, it's easy to add an event. As well as the title, a description, the event address and contact/booking information, you'll need a landscape image (you're welcome to use your logo) which will display on our map.

We will approve events as they are registered and be in touch if necessary.

We're putting together a guide to help you troubleshoot, but if you have any problems at all, or any questions, please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

We've also created a Urban Agriculture Month 'promotions' folder, with shareable information and graphics to help you promote your event, and we will be in touch with other useful tools.

Sign in now to set up your event!

What is 'urban agriculture'?

If you're not sure whether your event counts as an 'urban agriculture' event, this is a simple definition of what it means to us: growing and producing food in cities, towns and suburbs; in backyards, in laneways and balconies, on verges and in schools - to empower local action. Creating healthy food hubs, volunteering opportunities and meaningful community connections.

We want to celebrate all aspects on urban agriculture - the growing and the producing - so your event can be anything that fits within this broad scope. Anything that assists in sharing knowledge and skills around the growing and producing of food (for example composting or food preservation), and discussions of best practice.


It is up to you whether your event is free or paid, or if you use it as an opportunity to fundraise. You will need to organise this and we suggest using an online platform. For paid events, consider including a sliding scale to keep events accessible to all. We recommend Humanitix. If you have a Facebook 'Page', we recommend creating a Facebook event for your Page and adding Sustain: the Australian Food Network as a co-host to increase opportunities for online cross promotion.